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It’s time to embrace your imperfections and start loving yourself. Often, ladies have tendency to be very self-judgemental and focus all the attention on what is wrong with their bodies and looks. Today, let’s try to change this logic, by realizing that our flaws, actually, make us flawless and unique, because it’s our imperfections that make us perfect, make us who we are! Let’s look at 8 personal flaws that make you perfect:

1) Freckles

Often, girls overload their face with foundation trying to cover their freckles, which are, actually, absolutely gorgeous! Freckles add an impression of innocence and also make you look sun kissed all year round. Embrace your freckles, because this perfect imperfection makes you unique and pretty!

2) Gap teeth smile

Girls with gap teeth should be happy and proud about it, bacause this is what makes them stand out of the crowd! If a gap teeth smile wasn’t pretty, then Madonna, Lara Stone and Georgia May Jagger would fix it long time ago, but they didn’t! Gap teeth are becoming fashion’s most favorite and trendy flaw!

3) Small breasts

This is one of the most common insecurities that many girls have. Little do they know that this, so called flaw, is actually a subject of envy of girls with bigger shapes. Small boobs are very easily “manageable”: you can wear any kind of clothes when you have minimalistic breasts and you can go jogging, wearing simple T-shirt, without even thinking about doubling up your sports bra. Also, it’s a lot easier to dress conservative, when your boobs don’t get on the way. Love your small breasts and cherish them like a treasure!

4) Big breasts

Another common girlish “problem” are big boobs. Well, if you don’t have small boobs, then you, probably, have big ones; we always tend to crave things we don’t have. Honestly, if you have big breasts, you should walk around with your head up high, because this is one of the most attractive attributes of feminine beauty and many men go crazy about “generous” chest and hourglass figure.

5) Big brows

Ladies who have thick brows, often, try to over pluck and tweeze them, because they consider it to be a flaw. Did you see the eyebrows of Cara Delevingne? This girl became a famous model thanks to them! Nowadays, thick brows are very fashionable and everyone dreams to have their brows big. Big brows have many advantages: they help draw attention to your eyes, frame your face and can be easily managed by a simple swipe of brow gel that will help them stay in place. Therefore, ladies with fuller brows, next time when you look at the mirror, make sure to kiss your own reflection, because you are absolutely beautiful!

6) Being too short

Many girls inwardly criticize their height. Being short has plenty of advantages: you can wear high heels (as high as you want) as often as you want, it will always suit you; many men love small women and tend to treat them with bigger care and attention; if you are short you will always have a good reason to ask a tall, good looking guy to help you reach for something from the top shelf. Being small is another perfect imperfection that makes you “you”!

7) Being too tall

Not only short girls criticize themselves inwardly, tall ladies, actually, do the same thing. Being tall has many wonderful advantages and it’s a real asset, not a flaw! Tall ladies have amazingly long legs, they can wear flat shoes and still be taller than many others, tall people can see everything, while standing behind the crowd on a concert. Therefore, tall ladies, you are totally lucky!

8) Glasses wearers

Girls who wear glasses, often, feel insecure about it and try to switch to contact lenses, but wait….Glasses can become your most beautiful and efficient accessory, you can change frames to fit your various outfits and you can also experiment with different eye makeup for glasses wearers…all this can become so much fun! Glasses help frame your face and can draw attention to your wonderful eyes. Make sure to fully experiment, improvise and play with this beautiful and elegant accessory!

Conclusion: our flaws and imperfections make us flawless and perfect! Make sure to embrace and treasure your flaws, because they make you original and unique!

Feel free to share your thoughts on this subject in the comment’s section below.

Stay beautiful!

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