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Feeling short on time? Annoyed at the small things that keep tripping you up? In this article, Beauty and Tips help to streamline your life by revealing 10 life hacks every girl should know.

We know exactly what it’s like. Guys don’t get it, but being a girl is hard. Not only are we the ones who have to give birth and deal with the menstrual cycle, but we’re the ones expected to stay organised, dress-up on a Friday night in a NEW outfit every time, and keep things clean and tidy. Only, girls aren’t superheroes all the time. We make mistakes, we get things wrong, we spill red wine all over a friend’s new dress, while trying to take a selfie from an unusual angle. As fabulous as we are, we have those odd few days where we are human. IKR. So why is it, though, that some girls seem to be fabulous all the time? How come they’re constantly acing life, and why is it that when they spill wine on a dress they remove it within a few moments, as though by magic? Are they just better than the rest of us?! Nope! They probably just know more life hacks than you. So join us as we take a look at 10 life hacks every girl should know.

How To Remove Red Wine Stains?

You’re curious, aren’t you? Since we mentioned it, you’re curious to know if wine really can be removed from clothing in a matter of minutes. Because, let’s face it, if we haven’t already stained a dress with red wine (ours, a friends, or a celebrity’s), we’ve come mighty close a few times. Each time we pre-drink before a night out, we sing and dance to Beyonce, a glass of wine in our hand that we swing carelessly as though it’s the microphone. If you ever do happen to slosh red wine on a dress, know this: It’s actually really easy to remove.

The life hack every girl should know? Pour white wine on it. Yup! You can remove red wine by neutralising it with white wine. Then, it becomes really easy to remove altogether via conventional methods. So don’t panic and think you need to change outfits. Just make everyone think you’ve gone crazy by pouring even more wine on the stain:


Easily Remove Deodorant Stains

Another stain that can be really annoying is a deodorant stain. When there is a big white deodorant stain on a piece of black clothing, it’s just as glaring, hideous and upsetting as a wine stain. Especially when you were so keen to wear that top tonight! Hmm.

Fortunately, it’s also just as easy to remove as wine. All you need to do is grab a bottle of white wine and … we’re kidding!

All you need to do is take a dryer sheet and rub it gently in circular motions. It will absorb the stain entirely. As a bonus, your clothing will smell even more amazing!

Eat Before Eating

We get it. You’re going to a party tonight but you don’t wanna get fat. You’re on a diet, heh! However, you know how weak you are. You just know, despite your diet, you’ll out-eat everyone. HELP!

So the life hack every girl should know for this is simple: breathe easily, and then eat something healthy but moderately filling and drink water before going to the party. That way, you won’t over-eat.

Treat Blisters

One of the things guys definitely never have to deal with is blisters caused by high heels. And if your boyfriend tells you that, actually, he does have to deal with this, we think the two of you need to, um, talk. Like, right now.

But as annoying as blisters are, they can be easily treated. All you need to do is apply duct tape to the affected area. Yep, it works a treat and the blister won’t peel. What a great life hack!

Whiten Teeth

Hate your smile? Wish your teeth were so white they blind people?

Grab a used banana peel (stay with us on this one), and rub the inside of it on your teeth. Do this for a minute before rinsing out the fruit/peel/kinda grossness after ten minutes.

It works so well!

How To Erase Pain Without Medicine?

Got throbbing pain? Can’t sleep? No painkillers in the house? Rats!

Guess you’re just going to have to scream “AAA..AAA!!!” instead. Seriously. Do it. It changes your pain threshold dramatically, reducing your feeling of perceived pain. Try it!

Best. Life. Hack. EVER.

How To Get Through A Workout?

Having trouble lasting the distance during a workout? We know. It can be hard. Even women who regularly post photos of themselves acing their workouts on Instagram will have trouble at some point lasting the distance. THAT’S BECAUSE WORKING OUT IS HARD. So try this life hack: if you plan to workout for an hour, make a playlist of songs that lasts for at least an hour. Try it – we reckon you’ll sail through the workout without even checking the time!

Work Out To YouTube

Got an expensive gym membership but literally never go? Wish you’d never bought the darn thing because it’s just too far away and it always rains on gym day? Watch totally FREE fitness videos on YouTube and work out from home! Even 10-15 minutes a day is better than nothing.

Put Your Phone Away Before Bed

Put your phone away before bed … like, at least an hour before bed. Why? Because it will help you fall asleep quicker.

Some of us find sleep very hard to come by. We can be tossing and turning for what seems like an hour before we finally drop. Not cool. Problem is that we don’t exactly do ourselves any favours. We practice bad habits – such as checking our phones constantly before bed. This can prevent you from falling into a deep sleep because the bright screen keeps you awake.

Wake Up Earlier

Okay, we know how hard this one can be for people. You want to get more stuff done, but you’ll do anything except wake up earlier. However, getting out of bed before everyone else really is the key to better productivity. Rise and shine bright and early, eat a hearty, nutritious breakfast and then seize the day, girl!

Do you want to share other life hacks every girl should know?

Stay beautiful!

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