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With the warmer months right around the corner there is one thing that every girl fears. That is the inevitable makeup meltdown. Nothing can mess up your daily glow more than the hot sun. This is especially true in summer where it feels like even the smallest sunbeam can cause your foundation to drip down into your favourite sundress. So, how to do you defend yourself against the dreaded makeup dissolve? Here are some hot tips that will keep your makeup cool and in place even in the worst heat waves.

Make Your Base Count

The first key to the perfect heat proof makeup is in the base you create for your foundation. While most people think the perfect base is all about the primer, there are a few important steps that should never be skipped. Sweat can trap dirt and oils in your pores, which, if not cleansed properly, will not give your makeup a clear surface to cling to. Start off with a gentle exfoliation. Natural based scrubs are your best bet to wash away dirt deep in your pores without stripping key oils out of your skin. Make sure to follow up with a moisturizer with a high SPF count. This will not only soften and plump your skin, but it will also protect you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Prime with a Purpose

Glowing skin is like the ultimate finish line for beauty addicts, but in the hotter months you should save the dew for later. A big way to combat greasy looking skin during makeup meltdowns is to use a mattifying primer. The perfect mattifying primer will give your foundation a tacky surface to grab onto, while also reducing shine and filling in the pores. For extra measure, you can even preemptively strike the shine with a mattifying moisturizer. Just remember, that when it comes to primers, less is more! Overusing primer can make your makeup look patchy and uneven, so be careful.

Lighten Up!

There is no better way to ensure that your makeup is headed for a meltdown, than using products that are too heavy during the hot weather. When it comes to foundation, keep it light. While we might be obsessed with my full coverage foundations that hide all of our pesky flaws, in the warmer weather it’s best to use foundation that will feed our thirsty skin. Opt for a light tinted moisturizer instead. Some girls find that they don’t offer the best coverage, so then you can try customizing your own! Using a foundation palette, mix a dime sized amount of your favorite facial lotion with a pea sized amount of your favorite foundation or concealer. You can add more for better coverage pay off if needed. This way you can control the amount of coverage, while also avoiding the dreaded cake face.

Try a Light Bake

Ever since the magical unicorn goddesses known as drag queens passed down their secret to perfectly smooth under eyes, the world has never the same. I find myself, even on light makeup days, still reaching for my favorite finely milled power and a dry sponge. However, when the heat cranks up to 11 this bake is sure to soon turn into a cake bake. There are a couple ways that you can still bake, while keeping it light. Make sure that the powder you are using is translucent and ultra milled. Instead of using a sponge to apply your bake, try using a lightly packed synthetic brush. This will distribute less product and help to keep your under eyes true to the light makeup scheme.

Eyelids Need Love Too

Excessive sweat and oil will not only lead your base to drip, but your eyes as well. The oily eyelids can be a real world struggle. The best way to combat greasy eyelids, so that your look stays in place, is to use a non-oil based eyelid primer. Eyeshadow primers not only help your eye makeup to pop, but it will keep it in place longer.   

Skip the Smoke

An on point smoky eye can help anyone to release their inner diva warrior, but when the weather cranks up, your smoky eye will eventually make you look like a raccoon. So put those dark shadows aside and opt for a more subtle eye look. One swipe paint pots can be a good option. These little high pigmented cream eyeshadow pots have micro glitter, which can give a multi dimension effect when light hits your eyes. Plus, you will save yourself a great deal of time and heartache in the morning.

Cream Over Powder 

A big trick to keeping your makeup fresh looking, even when it is unbearably hot outside, is to avoid heavy powders. This is especially true when it comes to blushes. Switch from your favorite pink powdered blush to a creamy peach toned blush instead. This will give you the perfect summer flush without crumbling on your face. When sweat hits powdered products, it can make your makeup crack and look patchy. For extra measure, switch all of your powders for creams. This tip works great for bronzers and highlighters too!

Mist, mist, mist…

You did it! You created a look that not only will keep you confident and glowing, but it will also be immune to sun’s plan to destroy all of your beautiful work. The most important thing to remember is that your makeup is only as good, as the care you give it. We cannot stress enough the importance of a great setting spray. During the warmer seasons, try to find setting sprays that not only have a matte finish but ones that also add some health back into your skin. Rose water based setting sprays are perfect for the warm weather. They help to keep your makeup in place, while also offering your skin a health boost of key vitamins and oils.

Slay the Day

Sun, what sun? You are your own superhero against your arch nemesis known as makeup meltdown. So next time you head out for day, try these tricks to keep your makeup cool and in place. Imagine actually being able to enjoy the sunshine on your face again. It no longer has to be a distant dream.  

What are your favourite heat proof makeup tips?

Stay beautiful!

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