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Beauty sins: we’ve all committed them, and luckily – none of them happen to be deadly. However, many of them are definitely cringe-worthy, and therefore they are worth talking about. There are a million reasons that your makeup may not be flawless on a daily basis, and we get it. Your alarm snoozed itself (or it was a ghost or your cat or something), it was raining, it was windy, it was humid, or you fell in a puddle. Whatever the reason – and there are hundreds – no one has perfect makeup all the time, and that’s okay. Makeup is meant to enhance your natural beauty anyway, not create an entirely new face. In order to keep your face looking as close to flawless as possible (as often as possible), we’ve put together a list of the (un) deadliest beauty sins that you can use to avoid those cringe-worthy mirror glances.

Foundation that’s too dark

We know – it’s not always your fault! Sometimes, foundation and concealer change colour when they’ve been on your skin for a few hours – this normal, and it’s called oxidization. Some formulas oxidize more than others, and that’s where it gets tricky. That’s why it’s incredibly important to do your research before you invest – swatch your favourites, grab a few samples, and make sure a professional match you. If your swatches still match your skin tone eight hours later, you’re safe. If not, keep shopping. And as for those of you who purposely purchase dark foundation to look more tanned – no! Put down the foundation! We promise, it doesn’t look like a tan.

Messy winged liner

A crisp eyeliner is drop-dead gorgeous when it’s a perfectly pointed, sleek line – and cringe-worthy when it’s not. Eyeliner is so difficult to get right, because it requires extreme attention to detail, practice, and a very steady hand. Plus, some eyes are harder than others to line! If you’re feeling adventurous and want to go for a bold wing, then Q-tips and concealer should be your master and commander – they will help to fudge the micro-mistakes. Watch tutorials and keep practicing, and your wings will be knife-sharp in no time.

Unblended eye shadow

Remember Barbie circa 1990? How about Mimi from the Drew Carey Show? Whatever your reference preference: avoid it. Unblended eye shadow is the grandfather of all makeup mistakes – blending is hard to perfect, and eye shadow can end up looking real dramatic real quick. YouTube is a great place to learn blending techniques, and beauty advisors at the local counter will be happy to help as well. Don’t forget to practice!

Question mark brows

Scratch that – over-plucked brows in general. For those of you who plucked during the pencil-thin heyday of the 90’s and can no longer grow ‘em back – we feel for you. For the rest of you – don’t touch! Use your tweezers sparingly to attack stray hairs only, and let an expert do the rest. If you’re not interested in dropping cash on a professional wax or thread job, then do your research and draw a template before you begin – and remember, less is more!

Shiny skin

Summer, winter, spring, fall; shiny skin loves them all. Some of us are more prone to oil than others, and some of us just go trigger-happy on the highlighting. Whatever your issue – we’ve got some solutions to keep the embarrassing shine at bay. Blotting papers are number one – keep a packet in your purse, and use as necessary. In a pinch, a little bit of toilet paper will suffice. On the long term, try to choose skincare products that reduce shine, and use a mattifying powder to finish your skin.

Brassy hair

It’s happened to many of us – you’re craving a change, so you head to the drug store and grab a box of hair dye. After some terrifying splotches on the bathroom tiles and many hours of painstaking application, you end up with a fresh, vibrant colour. All well and good, until six weeks down the road…and your gorgeous colour has turned an orange tint. Brassiness is often an inevitable part of boxed hair dye, and unfortunately is difficult to remedy without professional help. There is an option for a quick cheap fix, though – tinted toner shampoo. These shampoos come in violet and blue colours, and offset the orange and yellow that has permeated your hair colour.

Popping pimples

We know…it’s so hard not to. Pimples are awful, uncomfortable, and unsightly, and it’s totally normal to want them gone as quickly as possible – which often leads to popping. However, popping is only going to hurt your complexion in the long run. Popping your pimples leads to hyperpigmentation, scarring, and a longer healing time.

Overdrawn lips

Not all of us are blessed with Kylie Jenner lips (or have the spare cash to pay for them). Drawing over your natural lip line can be a tempting way to amp up the plump, but use this lip lining trick sparingly. Overdrawn lips often do not look natural – and can be incredibly awkward when the Cupid’s bow is visible…way below the lip line colour.

Block brows

Don’t get us wrong; we’re all about thick, natural brows – keyword being natural. Filling in your brows is a great way to make up for a lack of natural volume – but technique should be considered. On a natural eyebrow, the arch is darkest, and the tail and inner corner gradient towards light. Your filled in brow should follow the same rule – and it’s important to draw in short strokes to mimic brow hairs. We’re all for faking it – just make sure you do it convincingly!

Skipping sunscreen

Don’t even think about it! While the effects of skipping sunscreen don’t show up right away, they’re pretty awful when you do – and at that point, there’s no turning back. Sunscreen should be worn all day, every day – even if it’s not sunny. Sunscreen blocks UV rays, which prevents signs of aging such as wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and sun spots. Wear sunscreen, and think about how happy future you will be!
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