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Have you ever gotten lost staring at a black woman? Now, I do not mean in a creepy way with binoculars and dark shades but in that dreamy way, people talk about getting lost and drowning in someone’s eyes.  Yes, that same feeling of falling in an uncontrolled and unbridled manner. Black women have been the epitome of beauty for a long time; their gorgeously sculpted faces, the thick full luscious lips that some people just have to buy, the hair that cannot be tamed and grows towards the sun because goddess-like beauty simply cannot be hidden, voluptuous bodies and the melting chocolaty gorgeousness that is our beautiful skin. Growing up, some of us have been bullied for our dark skin and even in our adult life, we still come across stories of people bleaching their skins to shed the natural African color and take on a more ‘beautiful’ tone but we shall not succumb to the perceived intimidation.

I will give you 7 reasons to love, adore, enjoy and bask in the deliciousness that is your glorious African skin.


1.    It’s Healthier: Girl, you are naturally healthier than people of other skin tones because your African skin has got you covered. According to scientists, because your skin is highly pigmented, it acts a protector which means you have a very low rate of developing skin cancer. Melanin also protects the nervous system by acting as a free radical scavenger and has been shown to protect against ‘Cryptococcus neoformans’, a parasite of the central nervous system.  In addition, melanin has properties that protect you from diseases by killing micro-organisms and bacterial infections. Finally, some parts of your body like throat and genitals are only darker because they are sensitive and need to be protected hence they are packed with even more melanin cells.

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2.    It is perfect: This isn’t even an exaggeration. Allow me to explain. People without as much melanin are constantly running after the sun to make their skins look tanned and taking vacations to tropical regions all in a bid to come back with darker skin while we are sitting here blessed with extra gorgeousness, sipping lemonade. And when they aren’t running after the sun, they are running away from it because they could get sunburned. We don’t even have that in our dictionaries because the sun only makes our skins look brighter. Like highlighter. Yum

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3. Wedding Dresses: We look phenomenal in those. Have you ever seen a succulent chocolate cake, dripping butter and wrapped in vanilla frosting? Do you know how wonderful it is just to look at? Yep, that is how majestic we look in wedding dresses. Our skin just compliments the white dress and it feels like they were made for only our bodies. I don’t know what could be better than that.  

7 Times Having Chocolaty African Skin Makes Us Want to Twist and Shout

4. Colours Pop: If white isn’t your forte or perhaps you aren’t thrilled about getting married, DO NOT FRET. Colours were created by God with us in mind. Have you seen a black woman in canary yellow, mustard, cinnamon or carrot orange? We slay all those and those are the bizarrely brave colors so we shouldn’t even be getting into a discussion about wearing normal colors. A black woman doused in color emerges a Queen while a woman of a pale complexion just looks confused.

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5. You Are Strong: Considering our history with slavery and the horror that the older generation suffered at the hands of the west, you have to admit we have a strong core. Anytime, you feel like things aren’t going your way or you just can’t pull through the phase you are going through, think of what your ancestors endured for years and remained standing. You are black and that makes you strong. Black women are never weak. Your skin color is the definition of strength.

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6. Black Don’t Crack: We don’t age. Okay, fine, we do. However, melanin makes you look younger by guarding your skin against long-term damage associated with aging like age spots and wrinkles. Our skin is naturally warm and glowing so yes, it doesn’t crack. It is also less expensive to maintain.

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7. Your Features Pop: Your teeth look whiter and so do your eyes. When you find the right shade of lipstick warm enough for your skin, you look regal. Disney might have just started incorporating women of color into their animations but we have been royalty from way back and we still are.

African Style Magazine

So the next time you leave your house, wear your hair or your gele like a crown, embrace your skin color like the finest silk and raise your head up high because let’s face it, you have been blessed with the skin tone of a goddess and why anyone would want to bleach their skin is totally beyond me

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